Learning resourses

Hertervig Forlag

Publisert 07.08.2019

Hertervig publishing was established in 1999. The publishing house is owned by Stiftelsen Psykopp and publishes new Norwegian case prose within a broad range of topics with special emphasis on mental health. Hertervig Academic was established in 2006. Our publications are quality assured by peer review and present new research, provide good research overviews and […]

St. Olav forlag

Publisert 07.08.2019

St. Olav Publishing was established in 1889 by Bishop Johannes Fallize – as a continuation of already existing Catholic publishing activities. The first catechism came as early as 1846, a mere three years after the Catholic Church was re-established in Norway after the Reformation, and in 1851 the first liturgical book was published. St. Olav […]

TV 2 Skole

Publisert 05.08.2019

Digital learning resources for primary, secondary and high school. Film as main channel for triggering interest, current films in particular. Universal design is a main focus in our publishing strategy. Contact: yngvar.nordberg@tv2.no www.tv2.no