Nordic Conference for Educational Publishers and EdTech

Join the Nordic Conference for Educational Publishers and EdTech September 1-2 2022 at the Clarion Hotel Oslo

For decades, the Nordic publishers’ associations have organized a Nordic conference on educational publishing. In 2022 the Norwegian Publishers’ Association and ICT-Norway organize a joint conference for both publishers and the ed-tech industry on textbooks, teaching and learning materials.

On the first day of the conference, we will focus on how technical learning analysis can contribute to more adapted learning for the pupils. Through registration, collection, analysis, and reporting of contextualized student data, where the goal is to better understand and improve the learning process, we meet many new challenges and possibilities.This can potentially affect the market’s eco system and and the relationship between public and private responsibilities. We will look at how different projects can affect the coexistence and the competition between them.

On the second day of the conference, we will focus on the traditional educational publishing. We will discuss digital maturity and how we can secure a development of learning materials where the learning itself, and not the digitalization is the main focus. We will find out if we have something to learn from the digitalization of the media industry and get insights into recent research on hybrid classrooms and how the different formats affect the design of learning. The day will end with a panel discussion on the way forward and how we can avoid the obvious obstacles.

The following themes will be discussed:

  • How can the eco-system for digital learning both fulfill the needs of pupils, teachers and schools, and at the same time be attractive and sustainable to publishers and EdTech-developers?
  • How can learning analytics improve learning and the social environment in which learning takes place?
  • Which education policy promotes good learning and access to high quality multi modal learning materials?
  • What does the disruptive digitalization in the media industry teach us?
  • How are learning materials used in Nordic classrooms?
  • What are the recent developments in the nordic markets?
  • … and much more

The conference will be led by the journalist, moderator and author Hilde Sandvik.

Speakers: Øystein Gilje, Professor, University of Oslo | Nordic Secretaries of Education | Yngve Lindvig, CEO at Learnlab and expert on learning analytics | Representatives from Nordic startups | Lena Lindgren, political commentator and author | Tina Stiegler, media and digitization expert, former CEO of Umoe | Jannie Jeppesen,CEO Swedish Edtech Industry | Speakers representing the education sector | … and others to be confirmed


Preliminary program


10.00: Opening remarks by Heidi Austlid (CEO, The Norwegian Publishers Association) and Fredrik Syversen (director strategy and business development, ICT Norway)

10.05: Learning analysis: Professional introduction by Yngve Lindvig (CEO, LearnLab)

10.20: Mapping of learning outcomes and digital learning materials. Report presentation by Jacob Nordan (COO and General Manager, Conexus)

10.30: Best practice – short presentations: TBA

11.10: Learning analysis – main dilemmas. By Marte Blikstad-Balas (The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research’s Expert Panel)

11.30: Panel discussion: Camilla Opheim (pedagogical ICT adviser, Tromsø municipality), Aslak Berntsen Husby (Manager, The School Student Union of Norway), Linda Bråthe (Department manager 6th & 7th grade, Hakerød school)

12.00: Break

12.15: The eco system for digital learning. Professional intro by Hilde Sandvik (journalist, moderator, and author)

12.25: Panel discussion – eco system for digital learning in a Nordic perspective: Janni Jeppesen (CEO, Swedish EdTech Industry), Cliff Hansen (Managing Director, Alinea), Carl Morten Knudsen (CEO, Creaza)

13.00: Lunch

14.00: National ambitions TBA

  • Comparative gaze: Presentation of the Norwegian digitization strategy
  • Comparative gaze: Presentation of a recent study on learning materials and the importance of books and students’ access to knowledge (SOU 2021: 70 Läromedelsutredningen)

15.00: Break

15.15: “Echo. A talk about algorithms and desire”. By author Lena Lindgren

16.00: Break

18.00: Guided tour and drinks in the Ekeberg park

19.00: Dinner at the Ekeberg restaurant



10.00: Opening by Secretary of State, Halvard Hølleland (The Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research)

10.10: The Nordics: Update by the Nordic Publisher’s Associations

11.10: Break

11.40: Digital maturity: About the digital transformation in the media industry. By Tina Stiegler (Media and digitization expert, former CEO of Umoe)

12.10: Digital development in Nordic classrooms. By Øystein Gilje (professor UiO, professor II UiS)

13.00: Lunch

14.00: Digital development – panel discussion: Øystein Gilje (professor UiO, professor II UiS), Bente Franck-Sætervoll (CEO, Aschehoug Undervisning), Tina Stiegler (Media and digitization expert, former CEO of Umoe), Carl Andreas Myrland (teacher)

14.50-15.00: Closing remarks. By Heidi Austlid (CEO, The Norwegian Publishers Association)

17.00: Guided tour at the Munch Museum (voluntary)


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Ticket prices

Early bird, one day admission (for all categories): 4000 NOK eks. VAT (5000 NOK inc. VAT)
Early bird, two days admission (members): 5500 NOK eks. VAT (6875 NOK inc. VAT)
Early bird, two days admission (non members): 6500 NOK eks. VAT (8125 NOK inc. VAT)

Note: It is also possible to book your stay at the conference hotel through the ticket booking, but note that you will pay for this at the hotel reception.