Crime novels

Kagge Forlag

Publisert 07.08.2019

Kagge Forlag is a medium sized Norwegian publishing house, with a dream of publishing titles people can enjoy – on their own and together. Their books range from riveting fiction to hard hitting documentaries. Kontakt: |

Pelikanen forlag

Publisert 07.08.2019

Pelikanen is a young publishing house aiming at publishing literature, fiction and non-fiction of high quality. Pelikanen was established in 2010, and is owned by the Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård, who is also the main editor for our Norwegian authors. Daily manager and co-owner is the former Kapittel festival director Eirik Bø. Our aim […]

Capitana forlag

Publisert 02.08.2019

Capitana publishes crime, thriller and children books.   Contact:

Capitana forlag AS

Publisert 05.07.2019

Capitana er et forlag som utgir krim, spenningsbøker og barnebøker