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Norwegian Publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

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The Norwegian Publishers Association (NPA) is a trade organisation for publishers. Our members represent approximately 80 % of the sales from publishers to booksellers in the country. We manage joint market ventures, provide statistics, offer standard contracts and provide service for our members. We maintain strong links to the authorities, domestic organisations in the cultural industry in general and the book industry in particular, as well as sister organisations abroad.

NPA is dedicated to defend and strengthen freedom to publish, both nationally and internationally, increase respect for copyright, also by strengthening the publishers’ copyright position, strengthen and develop the position of literature in Norway, and defend and strengthen the publishers’ position and take care of their professional and financial interests.

Current political issues

The Norwegian Publishers Association is working continually with political issues concerning publishers, and these are the current political issues we are focusing on:

  • No sales tax on e-books: The current VAT rate of 25% for e-books are an obstacle to the development of a functioning ecosystem for digital literature, making Norwegian e-books less competitive in an increasingly international market. We are arguing that the zero-rate supply that is applied for paper books should also include e-books.
  • Prolonging the trade agreement: The current Fixed Book Price Agreement in Norway will expire at the end of 2016. The fixed price and other provisions of the agreement are important instruments in the publishers work to meet the goals of the literature policy, and the NPA is thus advocating a continuation of the agreement.
  • A sustainable model for the lending of e-books in the library: The current pilot model for the lending of e-books in the library does not address the concerns of publishers, authors and libraries well enough . We work together with the National Library of Norway to find a cooperative model that is acceptable to all parties: readers, publishers, libraries and copyright holders.
  • Guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019: The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest book fair. The Norwegian publishing industry is campaigning to have Norway as the guest of honour at the fair in 2019. To be a guest of honour will provide Norwegian literature abroad a boost for years to come, and the attention that follows will give spill over effects to the entire cultural section.
  • International work with freedom of expression: The NPA works in close connection with the Norwegian PEN in the pursuit of freedom of expression. The other important co-partner has been the International Publishers Association (IPA). We are currently working together with international colleagues to develop the IPA’s ability to promote freedom of publishing all over the world. The board of NPA has decided that changes have to be implemented in 2016, otherwise the NPA will leave IPA.

Sales of publishing rights abroad

The Norwegian Publishers Association’s Committee for sales of publishing rights abroad work on policy issues regarding export and joint marketing ventures for Norwegian publishers abroad, such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair and a seminar for foreign publishers at the yearly Norwegian festival of literature in Lillehammer. Both publishers and agencies are represented in the committee and the committee works in close cooperation with NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad) that “promotes the export of Norwegian literature through active profiling work and translation subsidies. The organisation disseminates knowledge about Norwegian books and authors abroad, and operations are financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture”.

The committee’s current members are:

Richard Aarø, Tiden Norsk Forlag
Martin Berdahl, Kontur forlag
Even Råkil, Aschehoug Agency
Anne Cathrine Eng, Gyldendal Agency
Åsfrid Hegdal, Cappelen Damm Agency
Gerd Johnsen, Spartacus
Eirin Hagen, Hagen Agency

Please send inquiries through the committee’s administrative adviser Hege von Hirsch.

Contact us

You are more than welcome to get in touch with us here at the office. Find our contact details here.