Young adults

Andersens forlag

Publisert 02.10.2019

Andersens forlag is an independent Norwegian children’s books publishing house, established in 2017.   Contact: |

Hertervig Forlag

Publisert 07.08.2019

Hertervig publishing was established in 1999. The publishing house is owned by Stiftelsen Psykopp and publishes new Norwegian case prose within a broad range of topics with special emphasis on mental health. Hertervig Academic was established in 2006. Our publications are quality assured by peer review and present new research, provide good research overviews and […]

Kagge Forlag

Publisert 07.08.2019

Kagge Forlag is a medium sized Norwegian publishing house, with a dream of publishing titles people can enjoy – on their own and together. Their books range from riveting fiction to hard hitting documentaries. Kontakt: |

Utenfor Allfarvei Forlag

Publisert 07.08.2019

Utenfor Allfarvei Forlag translates to Off the Beaten Track Publishing. We work from the Arctic North, in Harstad, and from here we try to give quality and edge to stories from the north for national distribution and sale. Our main focus has so far been non-fiction. But we are constantly looking for good fiction, and […]

Magikon forlag

Publisert 07.08.2019

Magikon is a publishing company focusing on visual culture and communication. We publish picture books, art books and other books related to visual subjects. Our goal is to develop book projects that combine high-quality reading and visual experiences for both children and adults, and a number of our titles have won awards in Norway and […]

St. Olav forlag

Publisert 07.08.2019

St. Olav Publishing was established in 1889 by Bishop Johannes Fallize – as a continuation of already existing Catholic publishing activities. The first catechism came as early as 1846, a mere three years after the Catholic Church was re-established in Norway after the Reformation, and in 1851 the first liturgical book was published. St. Olav […]

To – Foto AS

Publisert 05.08.2019

To-Foto AS is located in Sjøgata 3 in Harstad; but we live through travel memories worldwide. We have through amazing photographs, depictions and not least our own designs; built a strong brand for our customers. When the tourists pick a travel destination, our goal is that tourists – and everyone else; will have the opportunity […]

Norsk Bokforlag

Publisert 05.08.2019

Being established in 1879 by the Seventh-day Adventist Church the publishing house has a wide range of titles, publications and resources within Christian belief, health, nature, culture and corporate social responsibility.   Contact:

Fontini Forlag

Publisert 05.08.2019

Fontini Forlag was established as an independent publishing house in 2013. Fontini Forlag is primarily devoted to publishing children’s and YA books. Fontini was owned and run by Lindy Andersen and Font forlag. Fontini and Font was sold to Cappelen Damm in 2017, and are now imprints under the Cappelen Damm umbrella.   Contact: […]

Mangschou forlag

Publisert 02.08.2019

Mangschou publishing house publishes between 15-20 titles each year. These include Norwegian and translated high-quality fiction and non-fiction for young adults and children.   Contact: